darting around between the computers, printers, silkscreen machine and the espresso stand, reese is the whip-cracker around here. like a captain with an insubordinate crew, he'll probably keelhaul us all soon.



the beauty behind the beast, tiff is the heart (and probably the brains) of our little outfit. maintaining a little sanity and makin' us healthy with smoothies, tiff keeps us all on track.



known around the shop as "flyin' brian" or as the "master of art & love" this is the guy who will take your ideas in hand and bring them to larger-than-life.



she sketches, she sews, she slings signs, she skips (yes, really!) get to know arinda and she will keep you in stitches!



rescued from the pound, luke is a great big swinging tail with a dog attached. here he is looking out for the next person he can greet. be sure to say hi when you come in, but look out for that tail - i mean it!



chief mascot and supervisor, max is the lover in the bunch. he will make himself available for kisses to anyone willing. max has two big jobs: lifting our spirits and holding down the floor.